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Home Staging Services

Home staging can showcase the potential of a home, allowing buyers to see how the space can be utilized. Staging can significantly improve a home's marketability while creating a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere for potential buyers while increasing the chances of a successful sale.


Our goal is to make use of all spaces and make every foot count by recommending only high-return improvements and furniture placement for optimal flow, maximizing the space, and making sure the potential buyer can imagine their lives in the home.

We offer several options that will work for your unique property, allowing you to decide the best for your budget and needs.


  • We provide an initial consultation and walk-through of the home preparing it for today's market

  • De-cluttering and re-arranging 

  • Suggestions for minor repairs or painting

  • Furniture delivery

  • Staging and styling of all rooms 

  • We provide the accessories, artwork, area rugs, lamps, furniture, bedding, etc. 

Bedroom Staging
Living Room Staging
Kitchen Design
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